Secure That Job: What’s the Best Way to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

Does your company conduct regular drug testing? If you're using a cannabis product, read on to learn the best way to pass a marijuana drug test.

The drug test is a reliable, if controversial, part of the process for applying for jobs. If you’re seeking employment and are worried about this part of the application process, you may have certain questions.

For example, is there a best way to pass a marijuana drug test? If you’ve been using cannabis products in the lead-up to your drug test, you are right to be concerned that it might show up in your results.

What should you do about this? Is there a way to clear your body of marijuana before a test? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Once you know you have a marijuana drug test coming up, you probably can plan to stay away from the substance until your test is over. However, many of these tests are intentionally given with very short notice.

How many days will you need between your marijuana detox and your test in order to secure clean results? 

It actually depends upon how much you normally use cannabis products. The more frequent of a user you are, the longer the traces of these products tend to stay in your body.

Moderate users of marijuana will likely be clear after four to five days, but those who heavily partake might find traces in their system up to two weeks later — and potentially even longer.

Best Way to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

If you’re looking to get past that pesky test, what are your options? 

If you have enough time, engaging in a marijuana cleanse to pass a drug test might be the way to go. That involves taking a break from any and all cannabis products as early in your job hunting process as possible.

That means if you’re using Delta 8 or any other CBD product, even if it’s legal, you may have to cease until your drug test has come and gone.

If you don’t have that much time between your current moment and the drug test in question, you could also invest in a detox kit. Many different companies produce these kits which are intended to cleanse the body of all toxins in a short amount of time.

The success rate of these kits ranges from person to person, but many people swear by their success. They come in different formats, typically organized by how many days’ time you have to successfully detox.

While there are one-day kits out there, they are more expensive and have a generally lower rate of success.

It’s also possible to provide a fake urine sample for your drug test and avoid detection in this way, but that requires a lot of work and it would have to be something you are morally comfortable with.

Marijuana and Drug Tests

No matter your opinion on drug tests, you can’t avoid the fact that they are a staple of the hiring process for many companies.

If you have one coming up and are looking for the best way to pass a marijuana drug test, the above information can provide some essential tips and tricks.

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