7 Important Things To Know Before Selling Your House

Selling a house

Selling your house is a big move and requires a lot of preparations. There are many important things that you need to know before selling your house. Because you certainly don’t want to regret it later right?

In this article, I want to help you to prepare everything before making the big move. Learn all the important things, plan your next move, and finally sell your house without worries.

1. Curb appeal

The first impression is always critical, especially when it comes to selling a house. Your curb must look proper, well-kept, tidy, and inviting. Otherwise, buyers will turn away or try to bargain.  The key to making your curb looks more appealing is by retouching it without going overboard.

First, keep the grass cut. You don’t want your curb to look like it has been abandoned for years. Next, edge along the sidewalks and path. This is a sign that the previous owner of the house is a respectable person. Now finish it with maintaining the flowers and shrubs. A tidy curb means more potential buyers.

This also applies to the inside of the house. Is the house setup in an attractive manner? Has the kitchen been modernized and have a welcoming feel? Does the bathroom have a nice shower and bathtub? If not, consider a bathtub installation as well as a bathroom remodel before listing. Same applies to a kitchen makeover, these small upgrades can lead to a higher sales price of your home.

2. Be neutral

If you’re trying to attract as many people as you can, then you have to present your house as ‘neutral’. That means no eye-piercing paint colors. Stick to neutral colors such as white, cream neutral, light green neutral, gray, mauve, and blue neutral. There are other neutral colors that you can use too. But the point is, the colors shouldn’t distract or even push people away.

3. Gather all the documents you need

Unfortunately, selling your house is more complicated than selling other items. Buyers, real estate agents, or even lawyers will ask you for documents. Different buyer means you have to provide more documents for them as some seniors are applying for a reverse mortgage etc… To save you from annoyance, it’s important to keep these documents ready at all times.

Remember to prepare all documents, such as mortgage papers, rental agreements, bills, taxes, or any deeds. Also, if you have any outstanding permits or violations, please deal with them first before selling your house.

4. Be honest to your buyers

Many people got in trouble before they weren’t telling the truth to their buyers. Some buyers might hire an inspector after they’re done discussing things with you. If the inspector finds out about any problems with the house, which you are trying to hide, the buyer will lose their trust in you.

Moreover, if the buyer finds problems later after the house is sold to them, you might have to deal with a lawsuit. Avoid these problems at all costs by being honest with your potential buyers.

5. Marketing 101

It is so much easier to sell a house nowadays thanks to the internet. There are plenty of e-commerce platforms designed for people who want to buy or sell a house. You can also use social media to market your house and get many potential buyers. Treat it like running a business.

You don’t even need marketing skills to do that. Just say that you’re selling a house at a certain price, tell them the location of the house, and wait. It is just that easy, and you don’t need to pay a dime.

6. De clutter your house

We know that you want to leave your house, but that’s exactly why you need to start packing. Cluttered and cramped rooms will turn buyers off, no matter how good your house is. Whenever someone looks at a cluttered room, they will imagine their room is going to look like that after they bought the house.

Make sure everything is clean and free of your personal items. Help the buyers envision how the house is going to look once it’s theirs. You can do this by storing away every decoration, excess piece of furniture, family photos, etc. Hide everything that you don’t use every day in storage or somewhere else.

7. Make buyers feel welcomed

A store owner should make sure that their store is easily accessible to customers. It is exactly the same for house sellers. Make sure that the front door is visible and accessible to buyers. I already mentioned cleaning and maintaining your curb. Now don’t forget about checking your doorbell, window frames, outdoor lighting, and so on.

Don’t forget everything, and you will sell your house in no time

Now that you have done everything that you should do, it is time to wait for the buyers to come. Don’t forget to smile and answer every question asked by the buyers, honestly, of course.

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