A Novice’s Guide to Indoor Plants

Would you like to keep indoor plants? This novice's guide will tell you everything you need to know to start out keeping house plants.

Are you looking for ways to bring life into your home? Do you want to add pops of color to your house decor?

Bringing a selection of indoor plants to your home can help you to achieve just that. They will make your home look more lively and are also great decorative pieces. 

If you are interested in keeping indoor plants but don’t have previous experience, don’t worry. This novice’s guide will provide you with all the information you need to keep your plants happy and healthy. 


When taking care of houseplants, you will need to do a little bit of research on what kinds of lighting your plants require. Plants like aloe vera may be happier in brighter light, while lucky bamboo is a great bathroom plant. Peace lilies will produce beautiful flowers when placed in proper lighting. 

Finding the perfect light balance will help your plants to thrive in their environment and grow well.

Low Maintenance versus High Maintenance 

Different plants require a different level of care. Spider plants are a great option for beginners because they do not require as much attention. Do some research on plant care before bringing home your new indoor plants to make sure you have the time and supplies you will need. 

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Don’t Over or Under Water Your Plants

Different plants like different amounts of water to survive. Some plants are happy going for weeks without water, while others require much more frequent watering. 

Underwatering your plants can cause them to dry out and die, while overwatering them can cause their roots to rot. A simple web search of your new houseplant will help you find how much water your plants will need to stay happy. 

Pruning Your Plants

Don’t worry if you see some dead leaves when keeping indoor plants. Plants will naturally drop leaves and grow new ones. Consistent grooming and deadheading are good for your plants and will give them room for more growth. 

Similar to trimming the dead ends off of your hair, grooming your plants will encourage them to keep growing. You may even see that your plant grows back fuller and more vibrant than before! 

Pamper Your Plants

Giving your plants a humid environment, spraying them with water, and giving them the perfect soil balance will encourage your plants to grow. They will show you their appreciation for being spoiled every once while producing new, healthy growth and sprouts. 

Enjoy Your Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants can make your home come to life. Creating the perfect environment, a watering schedule, and keeping your plants tidy will help them to be happy and healthy in your home. 

If you are new to plants, don’t worry. This guide gives you all of the beginner information you need to start bringing indoor plants into your home. 

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