Cleaner Living: How Often Should You Change Your AC Filters?

Changing your AC filters can help you and your loved ones breathe better. How often should you be changing them? Learn here.

Do you feel our AC unit is at times blowing warm air?

If so, consider checking the condition of your AC filters. Eight out of ten Americans fail to change their air filters regularly. In turn, their households suffer from inefficient HVAC systems and allergies.

If you have no idea when to change AC filters, we invite you to continue reading below. Check out our guide to replacing filters.

The Primary Factors When Changing AC Filters

There is no definitive answer to the frequency of changing your AC filters. However, specific factors are affecting the filters and AC maintenance.

One of the primary factors is the air filter model. The standard 1 to 3-inch filters need replacement every 30 to 60 days. When family members suffer from allergies, do it every three weeks instead.

Indoor air quality is another factor. When you have smokers in the house, consider more frequent replacements.

Homes with a dog or cat should replace filters once every 60 days. Suburban houses without pets can work with a single replacement every 90 days. 

Vacation homes with one or two occupants should replace their filters every 6 to 12 months.

Check the air quality outside your house. If you live near a major road, consider frequent and regular replacement of the filters.

Did you buy a new AC unit lately? If so, check its filter once a month. Compare the amount of dust it collects afterward. Adjust the frequency of the filter replacements based on this factor.

Factors Affecting the Lifespan of the Filter

Whether you have a standard, whole-house, or return air grille with filter, specific factors affect your filter’s longevity. Living in a mild climate means using the AC for only a few hours, allowing a single filter to last up to a year.

A small home means your HVAC system needs less pumped air, requiring fewer filter changes. The reverse applies to larger homes.

How to Change an AC Filter

Turn off your AC unit and locate the air filter. You will often find it on the ceiling or the wall, depending on your unit type. In some cases, the filter is within a box in a closet, attic, or basement.

Remove the grille or open the box to access the filter. Check whether it has a print showing its size and model number. Use the details as a reference when buying the replacement filters.

Get rid of the old filter and install the new one. Replace the cover and grille and write the replacement date to help you remember. Your HVAC system condition determines your air quality, making this process non-negotiable.

Keep Your Home in Excellent Shape Now

Regularly changing your AC filters allows you to keep your HVAC running smoothly. You can also keep your family safe from pollutants. That way, everyone avoids allergies and respiratory problems.

However, knowing about AC filter maintenance is the start. Study some desirable qualities to look for in an HVAC technician as well.

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