Diversify Your Investment Portfolio: Invest in Israel


U.S. and European stock markets are plummeting right now in value. The reasons for this are thought to be inflation, the war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, and the energy crisis. 

Of course, these stock market falls will affect other markets across the globe. However, not every stock market will feel these effects so harshly. This may be because of their strong local economies. With this in mind, it makes sense to diversify your investments overseas.

In this short guide, we’ll take a look at diversifying your portfolio abroad, with a focus on the Israeli market. If you’re after some positive and stable investment alternatives rather than the doom that faces you in your local markets, read on!

Why Invest in Israel?

Israel might be a relatively small market, but many consider it stable and loaded with potential. The reason why people think like this is because the nation has a vibrant startup culture and there’s loads of innovation happening there.

Deloitte reported there are over 6,000 startups in Israel, otherwise known as “The Startup Nation.” Plus, there are now innovation centers situated in Israel, set up by various multinationals. So with these factors in mind, there’s certainly scope to invest! 

Israeli Public Companies

Israel has a plethora of public companies you add to your investment portfolio. Some of the bigger names include:

  • Check Point Software
  • Israel Chemicals
  • Bank Leumi
  • SolarEdge
  • NICE
  • Bank Hapoalim

And you might be surprised to learn that Wix.com is publicly traded in Israel! Fiverr, the freelancing platform is there too. 

Other Israel Investments

Alongside investing in public companies there are three other investment vehicles to consider. When you put all of them together you can create a portfolio with good diversification across the Israeli market.

So there are Israel Government Bonds to check out. Then there are loads of interesting venture capital opportunities available to consider. The last option is Israeli exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are collections of securities that track the stock market index.

Create an Israel-Focused Portfolio

For outsider investors, a great way to invest in Israel is to use a platform designed to help you do this with ease. We recommend you check out thejerusalemportfolio.com if you want to create your own custom portfolio in the Israeli market.

By creating such a portfolio, you’ll not only be investing for your future, but you’ll be helping Israel flourish in economic terms. And one of the major positives about Israel is they haven’t used debt-financed and state-sponsored development programs like so many other nations. This is why so many people are looking into this exciting market.

Diversify Your Investments in Israel

Now you know how you can diversify your investments in Israel. The best way is to create a portfolio with an easy-to-access and use platform for foreign investors. 

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