Everything to Consider When Choosing a Septic Tank Cleaning Company

Finding the right people to clean your septic tank requires knowing your options. Here is everything to consider when choosing a septic tank cleaning company.

Having a septic tank has a lot of benefits. If you don’t need to hook your house up to city sewage, you don’t have to worry about tree roots obstructing your plumbing, high water tables, or leaking sewer lines. Just as importantly, it’s more economical and better for the environment. 

However, you will need to take action when it comes time to empty your septic tank. After a few cycles, it’s also important to get your tank cleaned. The only question is, how do you find the best septic tank cleaning company to empty out and clean your tank?

We can help you there. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to choose the right septic tank cleaners.

1. Credentials

First, search for the top septic tank cleaning companies in your area. You should find a list of septic tank companies that you can take a closer look at. Visit each of their websites to learn more about the company. 

For example, what kind of licensing and credentials does the company possess? In most states, a septic tank cleaning company needs a professional business license, as well as a certification in septic tank cleaning and maintenance. 

If it’s unclear what credentials the septic company has, don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact them via their website, email, or phone.

2. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials are some of the most important things to look at when vetting service providers. You need to see what other consumers have to say about the company. 

Look online for references and reviews. Many service providers publish these on their websites. However, you might also be able o find them on their social media profiles, like Facebook.

Otherwise, use Google to search for reviews using the septic cleaning company’s name. You should find everything you’re looking for in regards to services, pricing, professionalism, friendliness, and more.

3. Service Areas

Next, before you decide on a septic tank cleaning company, make sure they actually service homes in your area. Not all companies will travel outside a certain perimeter. If your home lies on the edge of town or outside city limits, you might have trouble locking down popular septic companies. 

You can find out quickly by calling the service number or using the contact page of the company’s website to send a quick message. 

4. Additional Services

As noted above, it’s important to get your septic tank emptied regularly. How often you empty your septic tank depends on how big it is and how many people live in your household.

However, you’ll also want to get it cleaned out to protect the plumping, pipes, and other components of the septic system. This should be completed every two to three cycles. 

Make sure the septic tank company you hire can both empty and clean your tank if necessary. It’s also a good idea to ask what other services they offer.

For example, if you’re experiencing problems, will the company inspect, diagnose, and make the necessary repairs? Do they have the proper septic cleaning equipment for each job? If you’re looking for a company that can cater to all of your needs, get more info from Goebel Septic Tank Services.

5. Availability 

While not all septic issues demand immediate attention, availability can be important. It’s easy for most homeowners to forget about their septic tank. It’s out of sight, out of mind. 

However, after a few years, you might start to notice draining issues or even backed-up plumbing if your tank is in desperate need of being emptied. If you find yourself in this position, availability becomes incredibly important. 

Find a septic tank cleaning company that can come out to your home as soon as possible to empty your tanks and assess any other problems. After all, a household without a proper sewage and draining system can make for a rough time.  

6. Insurance

Before hiring a septic tank cleaning company to come out to your property, make sure they are fully insured. Even if the company is just cleaning septic tanks, it’s important for them to carry contractor liability insurance

This type of liability insurance is designed to protect both the service provider and their clients. If the contractor accidentally causes damage to your property, the insurance policy will make sure you are financially compensated. 

For example, if the septic tank contractor damages your fence with their equipment, their liability insurance will cover the costs to repair or replace the fence. 

7. Experience

Next, let’s talk about their septic tank cleaning experience. For the most part, septic tanks are pretty straightforward. However, so is gardening, but not everyone has a green thumb. 

Therefore, when choosing a septic tank cleaning company, find a professional with several years of experience working with different types of septic systems. You would probably be okay hiring a new company, but an experienced service provider might provide you with more peace of mind. 

8. Pricing

Finally, comparing cleaning fees is an important step in finding the right service provider. However, understand the difference between competitive pricing and pricing that’s too good to be true. For example, a super cheap septic tank cleaning company might have horrible customer reviews, zero insurance, and limited experience. 

While it’s important to make financially prudent decisions, cutting your septic tank cleaning budget might have negative (and expensive) repercussions in the future. We recommend making your financial considerations in relation to the other factors listed above. Find a fully qualified, fully insured, experienced septic company that offers reasonable prices. 

Looking for a Reliable Septic Tank Cleaning Company?

Is your septic tank ready to be emptied? If so, consider having it cleaned as well. This is especially important if it hasn’t been fully cleaned out in a while. 

However, before you do, follow the tips listed above to make sure you find the best septic tank cleaning company for your home. And if you’re looking for more homeowner advice or consumer tips, stick around for a while and read through some of our other articles. Our blog was created to help people like you find the answers to all of life’s questions. 

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