Exploring the Benefits of Taking a Travel LPN Job

Travel nurses are in high demand to fill urgent healthcare needs worldwide. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) can find travel nursing jobs in various settings. These include nursing homes, hospitals, and school health programs. Aside from the flexibility of working a 13-week assignment, LPNs can enjoy several benefits when they take a travel job. Their experience in specialty areas like cardio catheterization, oncology, and neonatal and pediatric intensive care can help boost their salaries. To land top-paying travel assignments, nurses need to get their paperwork in order quickly. This includes resumes, references, skills checklists, licenses, and other documents.

You Get to Move

Whether you’re looking to take your career in healthcare to the next level or want some flexibility with your schedule, traveling nurses enjoy many advantages over taking permanent positions.  Getting a travel nursing job is all about freedom and adventure. You can explore new destinations and meet people of all ages and backgrounds who share your passion for caring for others. You can find work in various settings, including hospitals, physicians’ offices, and rehabilitation facilities. You can even find a job as a hospice nurse, pediatric critical care nurse, or physical rehab specialist. You can also make new friends throughout the country. This is a beautiful way to gain experience in different areas, and it can be gratifying to help out facilities that are struggling with their staffing needs. You can take short-term assignments that last around 13 weeks or long-term projects that are 8-13 weeks long. One of the best parts about travel LPN jobs in Michigan is that you can move to new locations all over the United States without worrying about losing your job or health insurance. You can apply for a new contract in a new state and start a new adventure. Another advantage to being a travel LPN is that you can explore all of the great places in the country. Unlike most permanent nurses, you can plan your schedule and take time off when needed. This allows you to spend a summer vacation or take a break from your travels for family and friend events. Being a travel LPN is a fantastic opportunity to take your nursing career to the next level. You can advance your education and increase your salary, which will allow you to save money for a future career move or retirement.

You Get Reimbursement for Your Expenses

If you are passionate about the healthcare industry and want to explore new opportunities, taking a travel LPN job is an excellent choice. You’ll be able to see many different cities and states while making a decent salary as an LPN. The money you make as a travel nurse can help you pay for your housing, insurance, and other living expenses. Some states and agencies will even provide a stipend for these costs. You can also get reimbursed for your nursing license fees and uniform costs, adding to your take-home pay. You should keep all receipts from these expenses and submit them to your employer for reimbursement. This is a great way to save on your taxes and enjoy the flexibility of being a travel nurse. Working with a licensed tax professional is a good idea to ensure you take all your tax deductions.

Another essential thing to consider is figuring out your “tax home.” Most people have a place of residence they maintain while traveling for work. This is called a tax home, and the IRS would prefer that you return to it when you’re on assignment.

Get the Right Education

Whether a current LPN or new to nursing, getting the proper education and certifications can help you maximize your earning potential. This will allow you to take on high-paying assignments and ensure your time and effort are well-rewarded. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are in demand across many healthcare settings, from hospitals to home care and assisted living facilities. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job opportunities for this occupation will grow 9% from 2019 through 2029. One way to boost your salary as an LPN is to obtain additional specialized certifications, such as anesthesia or neonatal intensive care. These certifications will make it easier to find work in specialty areas, increasing your pay and ensuring you can provide your patients with the highest level of care. Another way to enhance your salary as an LPN is to seek extra shifts or per diems. These can help you make significant money, especially in high-paying states. Finally, you can get certified in a high-demand specialty field, such as cardio catheterization or oncology. These certifications will also help you secure a higher-paying assignment as a travel nurse. Travel nursing is an excellent way for nurses to earn a great living and experience new places across the country. Nurses who travel are often rewarded with higher salaries, relocation compensation, tax-free housing stipends, and more. The best part of being a travel nurse is that it offers a flexible schedule, so you can enjoy time with family and friends while earning money. You can also choose your work hours to take vacations and other time off.

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