Exploring the Different Types of Roof for Your Home


So, you’ve finally had the chance to construct that dream home or a new addition you’ve always wanted. Congratulations! You may be ready to start building right away, but not so fast: without the right guide, choosing between the different types of roof can be overwhelming.

Depending on the style you choose, your roof can have low visibility that subtly adds to your aesthetic, or it can make up a huge part of your home’s exterior. You’ll need to balance a lot of factors to find the perfect option for your style, budget, climate, desired use, and preferred roofing materials.

Not sure how to choose a roof? Here are four of the best styles to consider.

Flat Roof

Due to their sleek, modern appearance, flat roofs have become popular with homeowners seeking a more contemporary or industrial style.

These roofing types can also be great for anyone seeking a little extra space for things like solar panels, a roof garden, or a water tank. Homeowners considering an addition can also use this area to create a second-floor living space.

Despite the name, flat roofs actually have a low slope that isn’t obvious at first glance. This allows them to drain water as needed. Note, however, that flat roofs are still prone to leaks, and it can also be difficult to keep heavy snow from building up on them.

Shed Roof

Shed roofs are also called “lean-to” or “skillion” roofs. These options have a single slope, which makes them the best kind of roof to match a modern style when you’re seeking a higher pitch than flat roofs.

Shed roofs are simple, affordable, and easy to construct, adding a lot of personality to your curb appeal. However, it’s worth noting that shed roofs tend to come with less attic space.

Gable Roof

The most popular roofing style in America by far, gable roofs have two slopes that meet in an upside-down V.

If you’re hoping for a more unique style, there are also countless variations of the gable roof to consider, like the clipped gable, Dutch gable, front gable, and gambrel roof. The design of these roofs makes them ideal for both cold and hot climates, though working with professional roofing companies can help you find the right style for your area and preferences.

Hip Roof

A hip roof looks like a pyramid, with four slanted sides that meet in the middle. With eaves to offer shade on all sides and no vulnerable ridges to leak, these can be great for a wide variety of climates.

Because most of the roof is visible from every angle, choosing the right roofing materials to match your desired look will be more important than ever. To enhance the historical look of this style, many homeowners opt for non-standard variations like the European Mansard roof and choose traditional roofing materials like slate or tile.

Consider These Different Types of Roof

The different types of roof above are popular for a reason: they complement a huge number of home designs. As you search for the best choice for your needs, don’t forget to reach out to a local expert for roofing prices, helpful advice for your climate, and more.

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