Healthy Food Apps for Better Fitness and Nutrition

Healthy food apps can be used right on your cell phone to keep track of what you eat every day. Find out some of the best apps for better fitness and nutrition.

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Start by changing how you eat.

Eating healthy is not simple when you’re a beginner at cooking new dishes, or you often dine out. So, what’s your solution during this pandemic? Healthy food apps can make life easy for a person who requires checking their diet.

Healthy food apps can help people discover restaurants that are right for their nutrition. Some provide charts to show similarities in particular foods. They can also provide feedback on your plans to ensure they fit your body type.

Among the millions of apps available, which one should you download today? Here are a few of the best healthy food apps available:


This app is highly recommended and considered one of the best healthy food recipe apps. ShopWell helps you create custom food plans and make recipe lists. You can also scan dietary descriptions to see in case a product fits their diet. 

Food Intolerance

Food intolerance classifies familiar causes of sensitivity. This app can help you track your nutrition-related symptoms. If you can identify your intolerances, the app will help flag the recipes you can’t cook or eat. 


One of the best healthy food apps and food tracker is Nutrients. Nutrients can provide detailed nutritional information for a variety of foods. The app can provide an immediate nutrition analysis and a food diary.

Calorie Counter & Food Diary

Calorie Counter & Food Diary is one of the favorite food journal apps. You only need to insert your weight loss target, and use properties in the app to plan your food and track your adherence. 

A great feature is the ability to browse supermarket barcodes to see nutritional data. You can also check your consumption of 45 different nutrients.

What makes the app unique is the artistic user link that makes listing your food input easy and quick. However, the price can be a concern for few users because complete functionality costs $40 per month.


If you want to start jogging, Couch to 5K is the app you should download. You gain a free 56 days program that provides three exercises per week. You’ll be able to run about five kilometers in a span of nine weeks. 

Daily Yoga

More than 50 video sessions in HD are only a few punches away with Daily Yoga. This app has a collection of in-depth videos of more than 500 yoga positions. Every sequence has a particular focal point, from enhancing your flexibility to relieving stress. 

Fork Over Knives

This app collects plenty of recipes, implies ingredients, and compiles favorite meals in one place. Fork Over Knives can help you transition to a vegan diet. You can also check out certain details of meals, such as cassava nutritional information.

Rise Up + Recover

Rise + Recover can motivate you with healthful eating plans while promoting mindfulness. You can be sure that you will attain a wholesome body form with the help of the app’s well-balanced meal options. This app is especially beneficial to those who are healing from anorexia.

Start Using These Healthy Food Apps Today!

With these healthy food apps, achieving healthful eating seems less intimidating. Before making alterations to lifestyle or diet, consider consulting a dietitian or doctor. They may help you choose the best app and plan the proper eating plans.

Want more healthy food apps and tips? Consider checking out the rest of our guides about healthy living. 

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