How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

It's important to keep the air in your home as clean and pure as possible. Click here to learn more about how to improve the air quality in your house.

You go to great lengths to keep your home clean. But did you know that the air inside your home can be between two and five times dirtier than the air outside your house?

Figuring out how to improve the air quality in your house is the best way to keep your home clean and your family healthy. Luckily, cleaning up the air inside your home is easier than you think.

Here are a few simple tips to help you improve air quality once and for all.

Change Your Air Filters

Your home’s heating and cooling system relies on a system of filters to keep the air inside your home clean at all times. Over time, the filters will get clogged and, once they do, your HVAC system won’t work as efficiently. Worse, contaminants can make it past the filter and into your house, increasing the risk of allergies and upper respiratory issues.  

According to the team at Discount Filters, you’ll need to inspect and change those filters at least once every three months. This will keep your air clean and allow you and your loved ones to enjoy spending time inside.

Clean Your Carpet Often

Carpets may make your living area more comfortable, but they also trap dust and dirt. And your vacuum may not be strong enough to lift all of that grime out of the fibers.

Get in the habit of cleaning your carpets once every six months. You can do this yourself by renting a carpet cleaning machine at your local hardware store or hire a professional to handle the job.

Invest in Plants

Plants do more than make your home look more inviting. They also filter the air and make naturally improving air quality simple.

Plants like ferns and ivy are ideal for rooms with plenty of natural light and can help pull contaminants out of the air as long as they’re healthy.

If you want to add color to your space, choose potted mums, daisies, or flamingo lilies. They’re easy to care for and can keep producing blooms and new growth as long as you take care of them.

Watch Out for Water Damage

Even minor leaks in your pipes can lead to serious mold and mildew problems. Both mold and mildew can aggravate upper respiratory conditions if they’re not taken care of quickly.

Get in the habit of inspecting your plumbing once every few months and schedule an annual inspection with your plumber. This way, you’ll be able to catch minor leaks before they have a chance to do serious damage.

If you do notice mold growing in your home, don’t wait. Hire a mold remediation specialist to remove the spores for good.

Now You Know How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Figuring out how to improve the air quality in your home is the best way to keep your family happy and healthy. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have the best air quality possible, year-round.

Once you make those changes and start to see an improvement in your air quality, you’ll want to find other ways to make your house more comfortable. Check out our latest posts for more tips to help you transform your space into the peaceful paradise you’ve been dreaming of.

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