Renting a Unit: The Items Requiring Climate-Control


Self-storage units are a great way to store your extra belongings, but it’s important to understand what items require climate control and why. Temperature-sensitive items can be damaged or ruined if they’re not stored in the correct environment, so you must take this into account when you rent a storage unit.

Here is a list of some of the most common items that require climate control:


Computers, TVs, and other electronics are sensitive to temperature changes and can be damaged if they’re not stored in a climate-controlled unit. To protect your electronics from the elements, you should rent storage units in San Mateo, or anywhere in your area as soon as possible.

We may have spare laptops or TVs that we are not using that we direct to self-storage, so it is good to know that we can keep them in good condition by renting the right kind of unit for some extra space.


Paintings and other artwork can be ruined by extreme temperatures, so will also benefit from being stored in climate-controlled spaces.

Many pieces of artwork can have a great value attached to them, so it pays to store them correctly. Antique dealers might, for instance, want to make a self-storage unit their place to keep their stock. It should be safer than displayed in their shop, where they may not want to keep everything for security reasons. So, it would make sense when units usually have enhanced security features.

Units will generally have coded doors that only allow those granted the passcode to have access. This is a protection from intruders who are more familiar with picking locks and tend to be beaten by the multiple combinations they would need to try on a keypad before giving up.

As well, self-storage units will tend to have not just CCTV but round-the-clock surveillance for added security and peace of mind. This means that potential thefts can sometimes be detected before they might later take place. Some items are irreplaceable and so it is not just about insuring them.

You want them in a safe space where there is the least likely chance that they might be stolen. This added protection from storage facilities is generally way ahead of the kind of security that many will have at home to protect their house contents. The technology used is normally very advanced, which is why you will pay a bit extra for it. But then, it is well worth it.

Musical Instruments

String instruments can go out of tune if they’re exposed to extreme temperatures, so it’s important to store them in a climate-controlled unit. This would mean cellos, violas, violins from the string family of an orchestra, and guitars, which are technically percussion instruments but still have strings to worry about. As well, we can add ukuleles and banjos to the list of musical instruments benefiting from a climate-controlled storage space.


Wine is sensitive to temperature changes and can spoil if it’s not stored in a climate-controlled unit.

Certain vintages of wine are collected as an investment, so you can see how useful this might be. If you have run out of space in your cellar, then your climate-controlled self-storage unit can be the answer.

Leather Goods

Leather goods can dry out and crack if they’re not stored in a climate-controlled unit. This can include expensive handbags, shoes, jackets, and belts. Also, saddles if you have a ranch or ride a horse. Even sofas that are made of leather need storing for any length of time when they are not getting any treatment.

It is a specialist and costly job to restore damaged leather if it is even possible in some cases. It is better to take care of it in the first instance.

As you can see, several items require climate control for proper storage. When renting a self-storage unit, be sure to inquire about climate-controlled units to ensure that your belongings will be safe and protected.

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