Set Yourselves Free: 5 Benefits of Spending Time With Family Outdoors


Would you believe that the average person spends around 93% of their life indoors?

Considering that humans evolved with nature for thousands of years, it’s no wonder why people in the modern world have all kinds of problems. From poor sleep to mental health issues and more, our disconnect from nature needs to get resolved.

If you have a family, then gathering up everyone for some outdoor time is always a fabulous idea. Keep reading this guide so you can understand the top five benefits of spending time with family outdoors.

1. Outdoor Play Activities Keep Our Bodies Strong

Most Americans don’t get enough exercise each week, which increases their risk of developing health problems and becoming overweight. Since there are so many exciting activities that you can do outside, you’ll be able to work out without even realizing it.

Whether you play tag in your backyard, go hiking, or shoot some hoops, you can teach your kids that staying active doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

2. Our Mental Health Improves as Well

Exercising may help our bodies release endorphins, but even something as simple as cloud gazing can improve our mental health. Nature is a calming place, which means that your stress levels will go way down once you get outside.

In our fast-paced society, learning how to unplug can be the greatest act of self-care.

3. Family Lawn Games Can Help Us Bond

One of the nicest benefits of family time is that everyone will feel more connected and willing to open up. Working on your communication skills will allow you to resolve conflict with ease and create as many beautiful memories as possible.

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4. Outdoor Play for Kids Could Boost Self-Esteem

Playing games and having nice family talks will improve all kinds of valuable life skills for your children. As a result, their self-esteem can get an amazing boost.

For example, if you come up with fun garden ideas, then your whole family can feel proud when you’re all able to grow beautiful plants and tasty food together.

5. You Can Create Lasting Habits

Giving children positive outdoor experiences while they’re young will encourage them to maintain this healthy lifestyle as they age. From getting enough exercise to minimizing screentime, your children will be grateful for the lessons they learned when they were younger.

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that you’re setting your children up for the happiest and most successful futures.

Do You Want to Reap These Benefits of Spending Time With Family Outdoors

As you can see, there are all kinds of impressive benefits of spending time with family outdoors. If you want to help everyone flourish, then it’s time to start planning outdoor activities.

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