Solar Tiles vs. Panels: What Are the Differences?


The market size for the American Solar Power Industry was over $12 billion in 2022. This industry continues to grow because solar energy is renewable and sustainable. There are also more ways to incorporate solar panels into households today.

Solar tiles and solar panels are some of the options for households. Knowing their differences can help in choosing which ones best suits your needs.

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Solar Panel Guide

Solar panels or solar modules are one of the components of a photovoltaic system. They are from a series of photovoltaic cells arranged into panels. They usually come in a variety of rectangular shapes installed to generate power.

Residential and commercial establishments can use solar panels. They come in different sizes that can provide enough power to an establishment.

Every year, solar technology continues to improve. It means solar panels can produce more power even with fewer panels. Check out these solar panels to find out more.

Solar Tiles Guide

Solar tiles are also known as solar shingles or slates. They are small modules that you can install into existing roofs. After installation, the finished look is more natural than traditional solar panels.

One advantage of solar tiles is they are almost invisible. It eliminates the issue of having to cover the roof with solar panels. Homeowners usually choose solar tiles because of their aesthetic benefits.

Solar Tiles vs. Panels: What Are Their Difference

In America, the average electric bill is $115 per month. With this, more Americans are considering solar energy for their homes. Solar energy is sustainable and is a great way to save money through electric bills over time.

Solar tiles are newer products compared to solar panels. Solar tiles have been around for less than a decade for residential units. It makes solar panels a more popular option for homeowners.

One of the solar tiles and solar panel tips is to check the energy generation and efficiency of the units. Higher efficiency means the panels or tiles produce more energy for the home. Right now, solar panels are more efficient in generating power.

The installation of solar tiles involves replacing the whole roof. You will also need to consider the angle of the tiles for most sunlight exposure. After installation, there will be no space for adjustments.

Installation is easier for solar panels. You can mount them on brackets on top of an existing roof. It also offers more flexible placement for better sunlight exposure.

Aesthetics is one of the selling points for solar tiles vs. solar panels. They can blend with existing roof tiles, unlike solar panels. Traditional panels tend to stand out because they protrude out of the roof.

Choose Solar Energy Today!

These are the differences between solar tiles vs. panels. They provide renewable and sustainable energy. They are long-term investments that can help you save money from electric bills in the long run.

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