The Best Indoor Pets for Homeowners

Are you wanting to get a new pet for your house? If so, here are the best indoor pets that you can introduce to your family!

Living with the company of a pet is a precious gift. Surely, there’s no feeling like getting back from a hard day at work and seeing your pet excited to see you back.

Undoubtedly, pets feel unconditional love for their owners, and it’s an extraordinary thing to experience.

During the pandemic, many people decided to find a pet to feel less lonely. Others took this restrictive time to reflect on what matters and how they want to live their lives.

If you’re one of those people who felt excited about the possibility of buying or adopting indoor pets, you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of different types of pets to help you choose the right ones for you and your family. 

Loyal and Compact: Small Dogs

Any dog lover would like to bring home a golden retriever puppy, apartment owners just need to make sure they have a flexible schedule for lots of walks. For those with less flexible schedules who seek apartment pets, they must consider getting a small dog. They live longer (than medium or larger ones), they eat less (making it cheaper maintenance) and are easier to groom (including teeth cleaning and ear-care).

In addition, they are some of the best pets and are compact enough to go with you on any car trip and even planes (some airlines accept dogs in the cabin if they weigh less than 6 kilos), which can certainly make your life easier. 

Top tip: Yorkshire Terrier, Havanese, German Spitz, Pug, French Bulldog, Shih Tzu, and Bichon Frise are some of the best dogs for small apartments or houses.

Little Balls of Fur: Cats

If you’re not severely allergic to cats, then you have a great reason to consider this animal, especially if you’re looking for house pets.

They have a strong independent nature and might even go for a walk in your neighbors’ backyards while you’re at work.

Overall, catshave great traits: easier maintenance (compared to dogs), cleanliness, can ”go for walks” by themselves, and are great entertainers due to their antics. 

Any animal lover would be lucky to have cats: they’re sassy and intelligent, making them a lovely addition to at home.

Taylor Swift, for instance, has already shown her love for cats multiple times. She has two Scottish Fold cats (Meredith and Olivia) and a Ragdoll cat (Benjamin Button).  

Cuteness Overload: Guinea Pigs

These herbivores’ pets are beyond adorable. They require social interactions daily and, they jump in the air when happy. It couldn’t be any cuter.

They can live up to eight years if cared for properly. So, never offer them chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol. These things can cause severe health issues.

Think about it: you won’t have to constantly take them to a veterinarian if you keep them healthy, avoiding giving them sugar and high-fat treats.

Luckily, guinea pigs rarely need baths and are pretty easy to handle. Yet, make sure they have a routine (regular time for playing, feeding, and resting), as it’s best for them. 

Something is charming about these cuties: they enjoy hiding in objects, but they still come out when people are near the habitat. They’re genuinely friendly creatures. 

Jumpy Fluffy Friends: Rabbits

If you’re looking for house pets to socialize with, then rabbits may be a good choice. They’re aesthetically beautiful, sociable, loving, and one of the quietest pets to own. 

Also, they have a plant-based diet, which includes some cruciferous plants (broccoli and Brussels sprouts), grasses, and clover.

If you want a cuddly pet, this one isn’t for you. Most rabbits can’t standto be held.  

Ensure you’re keen to learn rabbits’ essential body language if you want one. Surprisingly, these pets require a lot more care than people usually expect. 

In conclusion, always be prepared before you bring home a new fluffy friend. 

Silky Fur Animals: Hamsters

Allergy sufferers: rejoice! Most of you can live comfortably and trouble-free with a hamster.  

They’re quiet, clean, easily tamed, and low-maintenance animals. Also, they are suitable for apartments, as they don’t require much space.  

All you need to offer them is a 2-cubic-feet cage properly equipped (chewable items, absorbent bedding, exercise wheel, and more).

However, be aware that depending on the species, hamsters may be cannibalistic, as they’re territorial.

This kind of pet may also have this behavior due to dietary deficiency. So, ensure you have all the information before buying one. 

Keep in mind that most apartment leases don’t allow hamsters. However, if you own your place, you might consider this silky fur animal.

Bearded Dragon Lizards

These easy-going, sociable, medium-sized lizards are pretty convenient for most owners.

They are intelligent and expressive: you can quickly see when they’re enjoying playtime and when they don’t. As a bonus, Bearded Dragon Lizards are big enough for kids to handle them easily.

Regardless of your home size, they’ll surely be suitable for your place, as long as you provide them with a medium-sized terrarium.

Overall, these omnivore creatures are perfect for those that want a pet with a long life expectancy (12 years), odorless (as long as you give them regular baths), and mostly quiet. 


They might not be the most popular pet out there, but they love playtime (whether with humans or each other).

They’re suitable for apartments as they sleep most of the day while the owner is away. If you’re considering buying one, provide these playful animals with a cage (at least 2 feet long and wide and about 4 feet tall).

Here’s an interesting fact: these quiet creatures love hiding. Therefore, certify your home is ferret-proofed to avoid them escaping or hiding in unsafe spots (like your oven).

Be Thoughtful When Choosing Indoor Pets

Regardless of what animal you might adopt or purchase, any person needs to ponder the pros and cons of having indoor pets. They’re not an object that can be easily refunded; they’re living beings. 

Just like any animal lover would do, take into account that these pets have feelings. If you can provide them the diet, love, and spend money when necessary on them, then you might be qualified to be a pet owner.

If you’re considering getting a dog, be aware you’ll also have the duty to either take them outdoors (at least once a day) or pay someone to do so. 

Love the animals. They’ll surely love you back. 

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