Types of Blunt Shapes and How to Roll Them


If you or someone you know has just started smoking weed for the first time, you’ve probably Googled how to roll a blunt and received a thousand different answers. 

There are so many different ways and types of blunt shapes that it can be hard to weed through them all!

Luckily for you, we’ve done exactly that. This guide has all the information you need to know to make smoking your favorite herb easier—from the rolling process to all the different shapes available. 

So keep reading to become a pro in rolling a blunt!

Different Types of Blunt Shapes

Rolling a blunt is a process of taking tobacco leaves and rolling them into a cigar-like shape. There are many different ways to roll a blunt. 

The shape of the blunt will vary depending on the technique used. The most common blunt shapes are the classic blunt, the cone, the four-sided, and the blackwood blunt.

The Classic Blunt

The classic blunt is the easiest blunt to roll. It’s a long, thin cigar that tapers at the ends.

To roll a classic blunt, you’ll need a cigarillo or a regular-sized cigar. You need some tobacco and a razor as well.

First, cut the cigar in half with the razor. Then, carefully remove the tobacco from the cigar inside. Be careful not to rip the wrapper.

Next, fill the cigar with tobacco, lick the blunt wrap’s gum line, and seal it shut. Finally, gently roll the blunt between your hands to clean the tobacco and ensure it’s tightly packed.

The Cone Blunt

The cone blunt is one of the most popular shapes. To roll a cone blunt, you will need a cone-shaped piece of rolling paper and a good amount of weed.

Start by placing the weed in the middle of the paper and then rolling it up. Once a good amount of weed is rolled up, put the paper in your mouth and shape it into a cone. Then, twist the end of the paper to seal it, and you’re done!

The Four-Sided Blunt

A four-sided blunt is an excellent option for those who want to add a little variety to their smoking experience. This blunt can be rolled with any paper, but it is best to use thinner paper, so it doesn’t get too thick.

To roll a four-sided blunt, fold the paper in half, then fold it again. Next, roll the piece up from one of the corners, tucking the paper under as you go. When you reach the end, lick the adhesive and seal the blunt.

The Backwood Blunt

A backwood blunt is a type of blunt that is rolled using the leaves of the tobacco plant. The best way in rolling a backwoods is to start with a dry leaf. Moisten the leaf with a damp paper towel, then roll it into a cone shape.

Fill the cone with your favorite tobacco, then roll the leaf up. This will give you a nice, tight blunt that will smoke evenly and taste great.

Knowing your Type of Blunt

Blunts come in all shapes and sizes, from classic cylinders to modern cones. The most essential factor in choosing a blunt shape is the tobacco content. More tobacco means a more intense smoking experience.

Rolling a blunt is a skill that takes practice to perfect. This guide has provided you with info about the different types of blunt shapes. 

To create a perfect roll, just follow the steps mentioned, and soon, you’ll be smoking!

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