What Is a Murphy Bed?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "What is a murphy bed?" Learn more about murphy beds, how they work, and their benefits.

In 2020, over 912,000 single-family homes were built in the United States. While the median size of these newly constructed homes is 2,261 square feet, many homes were significantly smaller, with just one or two bedrooms. 

If your home is smaller than average, you are likely looking for ways to save space. One way to do so is using multifunctional furniture such as a murphy bed, which can fold up during the day to maximize the space in your room. 

What is a murphy bed, and how does it work? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions! 

What Is a Murphy Bed?

A murphy bed is a type of bed that folds up into the wall so that you can tuck it away when you aren’t using it. 

The best part is that murphy beds come in various styles, so they are no longer only for teens or single people. Even couples can take advantage of their small apartments by purchasing queen murphy bed models. 

How Do Murphy Beds Work?

Traditional murphy beds mount to the wall or the floor and use springs and metal frames to lower and raise the mattress. There may be cabinets on either side of the frame, making it appear as if the bed is built into the wall. 

Benefits of Murphy Beds

There are several benefits to purchasing a murphy bed. Let’s take a look at a few!

Save Space

There’s a reason that murphy beds are popular in studio apartments: They save a lot of space.

Yet, even if your living space is quite large, you may still want to have the convenience of storing away your bed when you aren’t sleeping. 

You’re Always Ready for Guests

Another reason that many individuals purchase wall beds is that they are convenient for guests. You can place them in your home office, and some even double as shelves when the bed is stored away.

Just as Comfortable as a Traditional Bed

Futons and sofa beds are often uncomfortable or lumpy. Yet, murphy beds have standard mattresses, which make them just as comfortable as a normal bed. So whether you plan on using it every night or only when guests arrive, you’ll have no aches and pains when waking up in the morning.

Stylish Pieces of Furniture

Often, companies such as Wilding Wallbeds allow you to customize your murphy bed. There are unique combinations such as the following:  

  • Murphy bed with desk
  • Murphy bed with couch
  • Murphy bunk beds
  • Revolving bookcase beds

In addition to creating a murphy bed that doubles as another piece of furniture, you can choose your finish and add on features such as lighting, storage, or shelving. 

Save Space in Your Home With a Murphy Bed

So, what is a murphy bed? After reading this post, you clearly understand this piece of furniture and whether it is the right choice for your home. If you decide to purchase one, be sure to contact a reputable furniture company, as this will ensure that you get the best quality possible! 

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