3 Key Tips for Buying Home Insurance


Every second, 50-100 bolts of lightning strike the earth.

If you’re home’s struck by lightning, do you have an insurance policy that will cover all of the damages? Not all home insurance policies are made the same, and each provider offers slightly different coverages.

If you’re not certain that your insurance policy has all of the coverage you need, you should read this article. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to start the perfect policy, so you can feel secure about your home’s standing.

Read on to learn all about buying home insurance.

1. Get Multiple Quotes

The golden rule of buying home insurance is that you should never purchase the first quote you get. If you sign up for the first policy you’re offered, how will you know if you’re getting a good deal?

The key to finding the best rate is to shop around. First, you can go to an insurance broker and have them shop around your policy with several different companies.

Next, we suggest going to a private insurance company, so you can get a little bit of one-on-one attention. Once you have 5 to 10 quotes, you can compare the prices.

As far as the quoting process goes, you can expect to spend 15 to 45 minutes getting each quote. Ensure you have all your personal information and home details ready to speed up the quoting process.

2. Understand the Insurance on Your Home

Once you have a quote you like, make sure you’re clear on what it does. Ask your agent outright, “what exactly does this insurance policy cover?”.

You’ll likely hear the term covered perils; covered perils are the things that your insurance company will pay for it. Non-covered perils are the events you’ll have to cover out of pocket.

For instance, negligence usually isn’t covered under your homeowner’s policy. If you forget to turn off a water faucet, and it causes water damage, that’s a claim you need to take care of on your own. On the other hand, if an appliance breaks and causes water damage, it’s likely your insurance policy will cover it.

3. Know the Home Insurance Company’s Reputation

Is the company insuring your home is reputable? Take a moment to research their reputation online. Look for client reviews, and see what their social media pages look like.

The best home insurance companies will have active socials and a robust, user-friendly website. You should be able to easily find information about how the company operates and its mission statement.

Finally, you should never have to pay anything for insurance consultations. The only price you’ll pay is the down payment on your policy once you’re ready to get it started.

Buying Home Insurance You Feel Good About

When you have the right home insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing that all of your bases are covered. If something should go wrong, you’ll have an insurance company there to help you pay for the damages.

Since the quoting process can take a while, get the ball rolling with that today. Reach out to at least 3 different insurance companies, and have them email you the quotes.

Soon enough, you’ll be buying home insurance that you feel good about. For more ways to feel great, read another one of our articles.

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