5 Signs It’s Time for Replacement Windows

Is it time for you to replace your windows? In this guide, we'll look at five signs that it's time for replacement windows.

How do you maintain a home? It needs to be cleaned, inside and out, and the grounds need to be manicured. At some point, you will also need to complete repairs on your home. 

When you consider home repairs, some types of repairs jump out before others. Repairs to the roof, plumbing jobs, and siding repairs are typical repair jobs, among others.

Have you ever considered your windows, however? Even though your windows may not be broken, it may be time to invest in replacement windows. Here are some signs it’s time to replace your windows. 

1. To Reduce the Noise

If you live near a school, airport, train tracks, or a busy street, it can get noisy. If you can hear the sounds outside in your home clearly, you may need better windows. Caulking and weather sealing will fix open seals around your windows, but that will only help a little.

Dual-pane glass windows are one way to help keep noise pollution out. Another way is through the use of laminated glass or energy-efficient windows.

2. Your Windows Suffer Weather Damage

High winds, severe thunderstorms, hailstorms, and salty air can all take a toll on your windows. When your home experiences an extreme weather event, you should check your windows for signs of damage. Cracks and broken glass are apparent signs of damaged windows, but there can also be other indicators.

If you feel a draft, spot moisture around a window, or hear more noise from outside, these are also signs you need new windows.

3. If You Feel A Draft, You Need Replacement Windows

When you are near your window, you should not feel a breeze. If you do, there could be several issues present. These can include poor installation, faulty seals, and other issues.

A drafty window can affect the temperature of your home. This can cause the HVAC system to work harder, driving up the cost of your electric bill. 

4. To Increase the Safety of Your Home

Wood windows can warp, aluminum can corrode, and locks can fail on old windows. All of these issues can lead to safety concerns. Windows that are difficult to open or get stuck in the up or down position also pose a risk.

If your home catches fire, these issues can make it difficult or prevent your family from escaping. It can also make it easier for burglars to break in. 

5. They Are Aesthetically Unappealing

If you are doing a home makeover or remodeling, you’ll want your windows to match the new look of your home. This is a problem for homeowners who want a more modern look in an older house. The windows may add a dated look to your home.

A great idea for replacing your windows is casement windows. These windows open outward and close through the use of a crank. They also look great if you want a modern look.

Providing a Peace of Mind

Replacement windows may be a necessary part of home repair if your windows have problems. If too much noise gets in, there’s a draft, or you spot moisture in and around your window, it’s time for new ones. You may also need new windows if they suffer damage or you want a more contemporary look.

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