6 Tips To Make Your House More Secure

Home security

It’s never a bad idea to add more security to your house. Once a house got broken into, it’s difficult to feel safe again. This is why you should always keep your house secure no matter what or when.

While it’s true that house security technology is more advanced than a decade ago, thieves are also getting smarter nowadays. This is why I want to write this article. I want to share with you some of the most efficient ways to make your house more secure.

1. Start with the doors

Robbers always look at the door first, I mean why would they enter through the window if they can just walk through the front door when you’re not at home? In fact, most robbers use the front door to get in.

The easiest way would be to make sure that your exterior door frames are strong and sturdy and the hinges are well-protected. If your door has a small slot for mails – make sure no one can reach through it to unlock the door.

Always change the door lock if you just moved in or whenever you feel insecure. Other ways to make your doors more secure are installing a deadbolt and upgrading your locks to smart locks.

2. Install security cameras

People have been installing security cameras inside and outside their houses for many years now. And fortunately, it’s still one of the best ways to make your house more secure. The sight of a security camera right above your door alone would make most thieves change their minds.

With enough security cameras, you can set up your own security system. Some cameras can work autonomously, so you won’t have to worry about blind spots. Some manufacturers also have an app that you can use to see your security cameras in real-time.

3. Use a safe

Now, this is an old-school way of securing your belongings. And depending on the safe that you use, you can securely store anything you want. You can store important documents, jewelry, passports, money, etc. as long as you have a secure safe.

Here are some tips to choose a safe: redundant locks, the right size for your room or items, anchored for more reliability, and the right material. If you want a portable safe, make sure the material is light enough to be carried around.

4. Secure your windows

We’ve talked about your doors, now it’s time for your windows. The cheapest way to secure your windows is by upgrading the locks. Make sure the locks are strong and can’t be opened by force from the outside.

Other ways to secure your windows are by using reinforced glass, using window security film, installing glass break sensors, or if you don’t mind the look, you can add window bars. Another fun way of doing it is by planting prickly bushes right under your windows.

5. Secure your garage

When you’re thinking about security, do not forget about your garage. Some garages are not secured at all – making it easy for thieves to break into the house. It is a great idea to use a security code or voice activation command to close and open your garage door, this way thieves can’t get in or out through the garage.

A smart garage door opener is a nice thing to have if you don’t mind the hassle of installing or troubleshooting it. If you have a garage door opener, make sure to store it inside your house and not your garage. Also, if your garage has windows, it’s always better to just cover them, so people can’t see the inside of your garage.

6. Light up the exterior

Thieves love it when it’s dark. Houses without proper lighting are easy targets for thieves to break into. And when it’s dark outside your house, thieves can lurk around without being noticed by you or anyone else.

This is why you need ample outdoor lighting. Place lights around the front and back parts of your house. Make sure every strategic place is bright enough for you to see at night. You can use a smart system to make it easier to detect intruders, for example, motion-activated lights or using timers for your outdoor lights.

Security is priceless but not always expensive

Every tip that I write here is relatively cheap, some don’t even cost a penny if you’re crafty enough. Also, expensive doesn’t always mean more security. Take a look around your house and see which points are more vulnerable than the others and start from there.

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