A New Look: 3 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Are you trying to create a whole new look and feel for your inner sanctum? Make sure you read through the top master bedroom design ideas.

Are you redesigning your master bedroom or perhaps are moving into a new home and need some design inspiration? There are so many beautiful master bedroom designs that you can use as inspiration to make sure your bedroom is a place of comfort and relaxation. 

For some amazing master bedroom design ideas, keep reading. In this guide, there are modern master bedroom designs that can fit any homeowner’s personal and unique style. 

1. Add a Seating Area

While the statement of a master bedroom is a large and cozy bed, this doesn’t have to be the only furniture feature you can highlight in your bedroom. While the bedroom is typically meant for sleeping, you can add more function to this room by adding a cozy seating area. This is a great way to set up a space where you can relax in your bedroom without having to get into bed which allows you to enjoy spending more time in your beautiful bedroom!

This concept can work in rooms both large and small. In a large master bedroom, you can fill up an empty corner of your bedroom with a gathering of comfy chairs and some side tables. This can act as a great place for a nightcap or to have coffee and read the newspaper in the morning. 

In a smaller bedroom, you can set up a long armchair that can fit even into a narrow space. Placing it against the window can allow you a great place to read and relax at any time of the day without making yourself sleepy by getting tucked into bed

2. Make it Plush 

A great way to allow your bedroom to evoke luxury while still looking and feeling comfortable is to add plush accents to your master bedroom. You can do so through experimenting with different textures such as fluffy accent pillows, soft blankets, or lush area rugs. This will allow your master bedroom to look like a cozy escape while still looking high-end, polished, and stylish. 

3. Create an Oasis 

Another great way to make your bedroom appear like a magical space is to place a canopy around your bed. This could either be netted or satin and can make your bed feel like a more private area of your room. A plush statement headboard can also create this luxurious comfort that evokes the feeling of a 5-star hotel. 

Creating an oasis-like space with your master bedroom can be done whether you choose to go with light or dark color schemes. While a light color scheme that focuses on using a lot of white can feel airy and dreamy, a dark color scheme using navy, grey, and dark wood can give a dramatic effect that evokes nighttime. 

Use carpet grippers to keep your flooring protected. 

Master Bedroom Design Ideas 

With these awesome master bedroom design ideas, there is truly something for everyone. Try out one of these great ideas in your home. 

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