A Simple and Beautiful Wellness Choice: The Surprising Health Benefits of Houseplants

Houseplants can help boost productivity, fight off illness, and improve air quality. Learn more about the surprising health benefits of houseplants here.

Did you know that millennials are increasing plant sales as much as 500% higher than normal in recent years? 

Many young people love to have their own houseplants because they are something to take care of that also makes the space look a little bit more inviting. You can have small, medium, or large plants in different areas of your home to give your rooms a little something extra. 

Are you curious about owning some plants at home, but don’t know if they are worth the trouble? It can feel like a lot of work, especially if you’re new to the indoor gardening scene.

Keep reading to learn about some of the main health benefits of houseplants.

Illness Recovery Is Faster

Studies have shown that looking at plants and flowers could be helpful for people that are trying to recover from illness.

In addition to that, people that have been injured or have recently had surgery may also be able to recover a little faster with the help of houseplants.

A study in 2002 showed that people with houseplants needed less medication for pain and had shorter stays in the hospital after surgery than those without houseplants. Although this study was completed on individuals in the hospital (rather than at home), it still shows that plants can help people with their overall recovery times. 

Stress Levels Are Lower

Being around plants for your house will help you feel more relaxed, which leads to increased comfort and less stress. A study from 2015 shows that plants reduce stress by impacting the autonomic nervous system. 

Participants of the study were asked to either repot a houseplant or complete a task on the computer. After each, researchers measured different factors that will show if a person is stressed out, including blood pressure and heart rate. Not surprisingly (to us), the houseplant task had less of a stress response than the computer task. 

You may also feel a little more comfortable in your home if you have some nice houseplants to look at. They are an inexpensive way to make your home feel like a home and give a little extra spice to the dull rooms of your home. 

Positive Feelings Are Increased

Gardening, in general, can help people that are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. Having plants around the home is a great way to increase positive feelings all around.

Horticultural therapy has been shown to help people in in-patient and out-patient settings alike. It has been used for centuries, especially in alternative medicine, to help people with negative emotional experiences.

More recently, it has started to be used in more types of Western medicine as well, including in England

Air Quality Is Better

Most people are aware that there are many types of plants that improve air quality. In fact, one of the benefits of houseplants that cause people to buy them in the first place is that they help with phytoremediation (taking contaminants out of the air). 

If you want to really scrub your air of contaminants, you’ll have to invest in a larger number of plants than you might think to compare to an electric air purifier. However, because you’ll also get to experience all of the other benefits on this list with plants, that may not be such a bad thing! 

Check out some of the options in a plant nursery, and be sure to do some research about plants that are best for air purification before you purchase some. 

Energy Levels Are Higher

Plants can help you get a more restful night’s sleep due to their air purification and relaxation properties. You’ll have more energy during the day to do the things you enjoy! 

The increase in oxygenation of the air will also have a positive impact on your energy levels, your mood, and your overall focus. This is due to plants absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen in photosynthesis.

Something to consider is that when your energy levels are higher and you’ve had a more restful night’s sleep, you’re more likely to be in a positive mood overall. This will help in your day-to-day life in almost every way, so it’s actually a pretty important part of your overall mental health. 

Focusing Is Easier

A small study found that students in classrooms with real houseplants, rather than plastic plants, photos of plants, or no plants, had stronger concentration than other students.

Obviously, this is a positive thing for any student. But, this science could potentially help any adult that struggles to concentrate at work as well. It’s no wonder why so many offices have created small gardens and opportunities for their employees to be around plants. 

As we said previously, the extra oxygen in the air is thought to help us all have an easier time paying attention to what we need to do. This helps with productivity, overall mood, and stress levels related to work or school.

Reap the Health Benefits of Houseplants

Now that you know there are many different health benefits of houseplants that you can take advantage of in your own home, you should get out and buy some plants today.

It’s a great hobby to get into, but it’s also a great way to make taking care of yourself just a little bit easier.

If you’re looking for some other ways to spruce up your home, you’re in luck! We have some other articles for you to check out in our Real Estate & Home section, so be sure to head there next. 

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