Commercial and Residential Installation Common Services


Commercial and residential installation companies provide common services like appliance installation Washington DC, including electrical wiring and plumbing. They also provide mechanical services and systems. These services are necessary for your home or business to operate efficiently. The type of wiring and systems that need to be installed depends on your needs. For example, some commercial wiring is very thin and protected by plastic sheathing. Another commercial wiring is typically enclosed in a tube-like conduit or rafters in the ceiling.

Electrical wiring

Commercial and residential wiring systems have different requirements and are installed in different areas of the building. The wiring in commercial buildings has higher voltages and requires more insulation. Wires in these structures are typically coated with thermoplastic high-heat-resistant nylon (TTHT), which protects them from corrosive gasses and liquids. Special outlets may also be installed for sensitive equipment.

Commercial and residential wiring systems are typically three-phase. These systems have three wires instead of two and are more efficient. Three-phase electrical wiring has three different types of wires, two smaller legs, each carrying 120 volts, and a larger, binding leg that runs 208 volts. As a result, three-phase wiring systems reduce the load on each wire and increase the lifespan of electrical components.


There are some common plumbing services that commercial and residential plumbing service providers offer. However, plumbing for a commercial building is more complicated than that of a residential one. Commercial buildings typically have several floors and multiple toilets and sinks. These buildings also have a much more complex structure than a home, so they require a different plumber. While a residential leak can be relatively minor and unnoticeable, a commercial leak can cause a huge mess and a hefty bill.


If you have a large building or complex, you may need the expertise of a mechanical contractor. Mechanical offers electrical systems for commercial and residential buildings. The team consists of talented electrical and mechanical professionals. The services range from new installations to the maintenance of existing ones. We specialize in power distribution and installation. In addition, our team can replace telephone and cable wiring, repair transformers, and service load centers.


Commercial and residential installation companies offer various services for various types of buildings. Telecommunications equipment, for example, is a common part of these services. These services include the construction of a network or other structure, and testing, acceptance, operation, and maintenance of these systems. Telecommunications installation companies also provide services for upgrades and new equipment. They also install computer equipment and other types of electronic equipment. These services are often necessary for a commercial or residential building to function properly.

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