The Cutest Baby and Kid’s Bed Trend: Canopies

The Cutest Baby Bed Trend: Canopies

Experts say you should start ordering the must-haves for your nursery 20 weeks into your pregnancy. And, if you’re getting ready for baby, there’s a good chance that you’ve already gotten most of the must-haves for your son or daughter’s space. 

Still, you’re looking to add a final touch to the place where your little one will rest. You’re considering baby bed canopies, one of the biggest trends in children’s bedroom decor at the moment. 

Here’s how to accent your child’s room with a crib canopy or a kids’ bed canopy. 

Round Canopies

A gauze-y white fabric slipped onto a circular ring makes up the simplest of round canopies. You’ll see these dreamy, soft accessories in children’s and babies’ rooms alike. 

A round canopy looks adorable over a baby bed, but one could suit a children’s playroom. Some parents might hang one over a reading nook for their kids — what better inspiration to have your little one crack open a book? 

If you’re particularly interested in a baby cot canopy, then you might also want your canopy to have some features that’d help your little one doze off to sleep. It’s easy to hang a mobile within your round canopy. That way, your son or daughter can have something to look at as they lay down to rest.

Most of the time, canopies are easy to adjust, so they can hang in rooms with low and high ceilings. No matter what, they bring a soft touch to the corners or spaces where you choose to hang them.

Draped Canopies

The fabric for this type of canopy drapes over a rod or through a ring. As such, you can easily customize the length and look of a draped canopy. They can fit into your child’s room just as easily as they might fit in your master bedroom. 

These draped canopies lend a soft touch to your children’s bedrooms — and a romantic feel to grown-up spaces. In your nursery, though, you might hang one over your crib or child’s bed. 

You don’t need much space to hang a draped canopy, so they can fit into rooms of all sizes. And, again, you can easily customize the length, color, and pattern on your draped canopy, so it will look beautiful in any children’s room or space. 

Will Baby Bed Canopies Suit My Child’s Room? 

If we haven’t reiterated it enough, baby bed canopies can work in any space. You just have to choose if you want a sweeter, sheer ring canopy or a draped one that matches your little one’s room more closely. 

Either way, the accessory can be the perfect finishing touch for your baby’s nursery or for your daughter’s big-girl room. Canopies suit children’s playrooms and reading nooks, too. 

Where will you put your baby bed canopy? And what color and style will you choose? Let us know in the comments section below.

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