Favorite Finance Apps: How to Oversee Your Money

Learning how to monitor your money is a job in and of itself. What are the finance apps that ought to be on your radar? Tap here to discover more.

Do you struggle with money management? Overseeing your finances can be tricky, especially in this millennial age. It takes discipline to track your budget and increase savings.

You would be surprised to know that most individuals struggle to raise $1,000 when in a crisis, which shows how serious the issue of money management is.

Life gets easier, and you will be better positioned to focus on other things, knowing that your finances are in order. If you are struggling with financial management, check out these finance apps to help you oversee your money.

Quick Books

If you are looking for the best app to track your business expenses, Quick Books should be your go-to tracker.

If you own a small business, a startup, to be precise, it can be tempting to combine your business and personal finances. Regardless of how careful you are when tracking expenses, you will most likely make errors that result in messy reporting.

In the end, you realize that you have spent so much of your business capital on personal expenses. Even worse, you may experience issues when filing taxes, which could harm your personal funds if your startup issued.

Avoid such problems with Quick Books, an app that allows you to wrap all your business funds management, including payroll, expenses, and contract management, all in one. 


With TaxSlayer, you get access to unlimited email and phone support throughout your tax filing and management. The app is free, making it ideal for everyone, including those on a tight budget.

The app provides you with the basics of taxation. For more assurance, you should seek professionals such as https://wealthability.com/tax-services/ to get an expert perspective. Taxes are among the overlooked finance aspects, but a slight error could cost you a lot. 

The expert advisors will offer you comprehensive materials to help you reduce taxes. Consequently, you have a chance to save more.


PocketGuard is your best shot for all your budgeting needs. The free finance app allows you to track your credit and savings account right from your phone. In return, you can detect recurring expenses and income. 

With this app, you can determine how much you should spend in a day by taking your total account, less your saving goals, and then divide the remaining amount to suit a specific period’s expenses. 

Besides the fact that the app is free, which is a bonus, PocketGuard allows you to export transactions. With this, you can create your own spreadsheet for easier calculations.

Personal Capital

Are you looking for the best personal finance app? You will fall in love with Personal Capital. It is easy to use and lets you track your income and expenses while including data from your investment accounts.

The app features a friendly interface with striking visuals, which you can see from your phone, laptop, or desktop.

The app displays information from your investment account, asset class, and individual investments. This makes it easier for you to determine the performance of your investments and decide if it is worth it.

You may seek professional help for further insights into your investment and for assistance with portfolio management.

Personal Capital is primarily meant to help you make sound investment decisions so you can stay away from non-rewarding trades.


Mint is one of the finance apps, all for the right reasons. The app is almost similar to Personal Capital as it gives you access to investment accounts plus budgeting tools. However, Mint focuses more on budgeting with investment as just an afterthought.

The app is the best choice if you want to keep up with every detail of budgeting. You can create different budget categories to oversee every transaction.

For instance, you can create food, housing, fuel, and school fees categories. Mint will then pull those transactions automatically in your bank account to establish how much is left after spending.

Mint lets you analyze your spending and offer insights into your habits. Consequently, you determine which areas require improvement.

What’s more? Mint has a bill pay feature that reminds you when you have overdue bills. The best part is that you can use the app to clear those bills.


If your main finance management struggle is determining the upcoming bills, Dollarbird is your perfect reminder. It is a free app that gives you an easy-to-use interface to put your budget in a calendar firm.   With this, you can review the upcoming expenses by category.

Moreover, you can enter recurring transactions such as utility bills. You can view your expected balance after expenses, so you will know how much you have left for extra expenses.

The only downside of this app is that it does not integrate with your bank account. So, you will have to do it manually. 

Good Budget

As the name suggests, Good Budget is your best plug for all your budgeting and finance management needs. At $6 per month, you get access to unlimited envelopes that help you track your spending habits.

You can also use the app for free, but you only get a few envelopes. As with any other envelope-based apps, you have to slow down on spending when an envelope is empty. If you have more funds, you move to the next envelope, and the cycle continues.

The more envelopes you empty, it means that your spending speed is up, and you may need to slow down if you want to save.

Good Budget is available for both Android and Apple devices. The app makes it easier for you to set financial goals, and you can even do it with a partner to keep each other accountable.

Improve Your Spending and Savings Habits With Finance Apps

Managing your finances can be daunting. But it does not have to be with the help of finance apps. With the best finance tracking app, you can monitor your expenses to avoid spending more than you can afford. The goal is to maximize savings, and that is precisely what you achieve with the above apps.

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