How to Feng Shui Your Outdoor Spaces

Creating arrangements that align with good feng shui practices will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will attract positive energy. Here's how to do it.

Americans have spent the past year and a half transforming their indoor spaces to bring their work-from-home lives into balance.

It’s now time to bring that inner peace outside. There’s no better time to reconfigure your green space from chaos to calmness. There are many ways to turn your front and backyard digs into an outdoor feng shui sanctuary.

Read on to learn the simple ways that will add an extra dose of harmony to your outdoor oasis.

Directing Good Energy 

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that directs the flow of energy between objects to bring tranquility into any environment. 

The general rule is that directional placement is everything. Energy flows from the rising sun. 

The Elements of Outdoor Feng Shui

Five natural elements encompass the foundation of feng shui – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Be sure to have objects made from these elements in your garden decor. That could mean adding a decorative metal archway or a wooden gate to the west or northwest corner. Perhaps a stone wall or rock garden.

One way to jump-start the flow of positive energy is to incorporate wood or metal deck furniture in with your patio decor.

Adding a fire pit is another good way to weave harmony into your outdoor furniture.

Layout Is Important 

The principles of feng shui emphasize movement and placement.

That’s why many tranquil outdoor gardens feature a winding pathway. Creating curves and meandering walkways encourages visitors to slow down and invites a relaxing atmosphere.  

Even the layout of patio furniture affects the balance of serenity.

Invite the flow of positive vibes by placing chairs and couches where everyone has a clear view of the patio. Don’t have the backs of chairs facing the doorway.

Consult a patio builder on how to best map out your outdoor space.

Chimes and Fountains

The Chinese term feng shui translates to wind and water.  A simple way to boost the movement of energy in your outdoor space is to add elements of both.

That could mean hanging a wind chime (metal or wood) in the backyard garden. The sweet soothing sounds of chimes will add charm and bring a sense of serenity.

Keep in mind the location. Feng shui practitioners suggest placing chimes in the east or southeast section of the house.

An easy way to incorporate a water feature might be a small fountain on the patio. Hearing the gentle trickling of water flowing over rocks can bring a sense of peace.

The Path to Enlightenment Begins Outside

Finding balance in one’s life may seem elusive. But everyone can achieve the ultimate outdoor feng shui by following the basic tenets of Chinese philosophy.

Now that you know how to boost your outside space from zero to zen, it’s time to begin your path to enlightenment.

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