The Biodegradable Packaging Options for Wholesalers


Biodegradable packaging is a hot topic in the business world right now. A biodegradable product can decompose naturally in the environment, as opposed to a traditional product which might take years to break down. This is an important issue for wholesalers because it affects their bottom line and the environment.

It is useful to have biodegradable protective packaging available as an option because of its dual impact of helping the environment and attracting customers who are now of that way of thinking. Also, we must not forget the protective element of our packaging.

Biodegradable Options

There are several biodegradable packing options available for wholesalers. Some of these include biodegradable plastics, biodegradable foam peanuts, and biodegradable bubble wrap. All of these products have different benefits and drawbacks which need to be considered when deciding on which type of packing to use.

The best option has to be biodegradable over reusable because we cannot be sure that customers will find other uses for packaging as far as using it again. Of course, making it as attractive and purposeful as possible will help.

Biodegradable is, of course, an alternative to products such as packaging that can be recycled. Again, biodegradable would seem the best option out of the two because it will effectively degrade in the ground relatively quickly compared to other products and so not prove problematic to the environment. Although recycling products can help with protecting fossil fuels and lowering pollution levels, there will still be some of this involved in reworking a material for its alternative use.

Biodegradable Plastics

Biodegradable plastics are becoming more popular because of their compatibility with traditional packing materials. They can be used as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging and can biodegrade in about two years.

Biodegradable foam peanuts and biodegradable bubble wrap have similar benefits but are typically less expensive than biodegradable plastics.

Every business will have a budget to work to in terms of its packaging costs but ultimately it is not cost-effective if we are not protecting our product as well as we can. It is not about the loss of the product in isolation necessarily, because insurers will likely cover it, but more about the loss of reputation and losing that edge of reliability we require as a company.

Those we supply will demand reliability and a product that arrives safely and on time. Should our packaging not prove adequate then we cannot fulfill the order as we had promised. If inadequate packaging proved to be the reason then it was entirely preventable on our part, hence the lost confidence in our decisions from other businesses, associates, and customers, looking in.


The biodegradable packaging options for wholesalers offer several benefits. Not only do biodegradable packing materials reduce the amount of waste that is created, but they also have the potential to help companies save money. Additionally, biodegradable packing materials are better for the environment and make businesses more sustainable.

It is possible to satisfy strength and protective issues while still helping the environment out. Those businesses that best achieve all these things are starting to prosper and will continue to do so as environmental concerns remain at the top of country agendas. We all see the news and are trying to do our bit for the planet, so those companies that are not will soon lose popularity with the general public.

Biodegradable packaging is a great option for wholesalers who are looking for an environmentally friendly way to package their products. There are many different biodegradable packing options available, so you can find the perfect solution for your business. We’ve provided some information about biodegradable packaging, and we encourage you to explore these options further for the good of us all.

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