The Latest Garage Layout Ideas That Any Homeowner Will Love

Are you building a new construction home and want the best for your vehicles? Here are the latest garage layout ideas that will impress any homeowner.

In the average American home, there are about 300,000 items. That’s a lot of items that need a place of their own. 

Many people are turning toward building garages for extra room. What garage layout ideas are in style right now and will work for your needs? Read this article on the different layout ideas that you’ll love and will give you the extra room that you’re dreaming about!

Country Style

Whether or not you live in the country, you can choose a country-style garage layout. Don’t forget racedeck flooring for it as well. 

A smart homeowner will love the extra space that you’ll have with this design. When it comes to vehicle ownership, you’ll have room for all of your fun toys and vehicles. 

Since this option is 2-stories, you can climb the stairs and head to the second floor for extra space, or access it through the first floor. Consider a design with 3 front-facing windows for a nice overall look. 

Prairie Style

Store up to 4 cars with a prairie-style garage. You’ll have plenty of space for a car plus holiday items that need a place out of the way. If you’re dreaming about tool storage, you’ll be able to add in the space for that as well. 


For those who live in the country who need plenty of space, consider a farmhouse-style. You’ll have a well-lit area as well for your items. 

You can also have a loft area above the farmhouse that can be an office or workspace. This style comes with 2 other stories to store your vehicles and other items. The farmhouse style can be built with a balcony as well. 


Another option instead of a traditional garage is a carport. This is a great option for the storage of 1-2 cars and some items. Keep in mind that since it’s open it’s not the most secure option. 


Drive-through garage plans are great for storing your vehicle. They’re detached garages that have a garage door with at least one bay. You’ll be able to drive completely through the garage. 

They’re also great options for storing lawnmowers, bikes, and more. Boats, ATVs, and other riding equipment are another option as well. 

If your new house has a drive-through garage but you’re missing some toys, there are plenty of bikes for sale. A bicycle is a good start to your collection, then you can move on to ATVs and such if you wish.

Garage Apartments

In order to make extra cash, you might consider building an apartment above the house. Keep in mind that while it’s a hefty investment, it might pay off in the end. Just make sure that it’s right for you because sometimes tenants can be a stressful experience. 

From 2-bedroom to 1-bedroom apartments, you have options. You could also consider a studio apartment as well since that might be more within budget. There are different styles such as craftsman, traditional, or European options. 

Picking the Right Size Option

First, decide what you’re going to be using your garage for when you go to pick out the right size. If you’ll be parking your car, think about how many you’ll be storing. 

You might also need to consider additional living space above the garage. That’s a great way to have extra income as well. 

You’ll also want to incorporate and think about your budget as well. Find a plan that you’re comfortable in paying for. 

Do I Need a Foundation?

Yes, all freestanding garages will need a foundation. Foundations will ensure that they’re stable and sound. Your builder can work with you to decide which foundation is the best option for you. 

This will come down to: 

  • The climate
  • Your lot size
  • Zoning laws and local building codes

Understanding the Costs

The cost of a garage can vary based on the construction labor, the size of your garage, and more. If you’re looking to stay in budget, limit how many windows you decide to have. 

The door opener and garage door will also have an impact on the cost. Try not to go too crazy on the interior design components and instead decorate it how you see fit. Any utilities will drive up the cost as well. 

Do I Need a Garage?

First, decide if it’s within budget for a garage. Next, decide if you could get rid of items in order to save on spending money on a garage. Storage facilities might be a short-term or long-term option if you’re not looking to build a garage or don’t have the space. 

Unique Uses for Garages

When checking out garage plans, it can be the perfect location for craft projects. You can even consider separating the space where half is for your vehicle or other items, and the other half is your craft room. 

In order to keep it easy to clean, you can put down a finish on the floor. Consider having cork on the walls in order to hang up the different designs that you come up with. 

Another option is your very own home gym. Place rubber mats over the floors in order to have the perfect workout space. 

In order to maximize the space, you can place overhead storage. This will allow you to place small items throughout the garage including your free weights. 

Exploring Different Garage Layout Ideas

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the different garage layout ideas out there. Take your time deciding what’s within budget and is the right design idea for you. 

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