What Are the Different Types of Garage Doors?

There are many different types and styles of garage doors, each with its own pros and cons. But how can you know which is right for you? Read to find out.

One of the most important factors of curb appeal is the garage door. A shabby or outdated garage door can knock thousands of dollars off your home’s value.

Fortunately, there are many different types and styles of garage doors. You can customize them to match the look of your home. Whether you’re looking for streamlined and practical, rustic and warm, or sleek and modern, there’s a garage door style out there for you. 

Sectional Garage Doors 

Sectional garage doors are among the most popular choice for homeowners in the United States. They are made up of sectioned panels that are connected by hinges that can bend and flex. 

As the door is raised and lowered along the track, the hinges bend over a curved portion at the top. This allows the door to lie parallel to the ceiling when completely open and in line with the walls when completely closed. 

Sectional garage doors are typically made from steel, which makes them low maintenance. They are among the most customizable garage door styles. Take a look at all the different textures, colors, and window panels that homeowners can use to customize their sectional garage doors. 

Roll-Up Garage Doors 

Roll-up garage doors are more often found in commercial buildings than residential ones. They are made of small steel panels that are typically about two to three inches in length. When the door is opened, these steel slats are rolled up into a drum that is installed above the door. 

Roll-up doors are extremely durable but often have higher upfront costs than a sectional design. If you’re working with very limited ceiling space and want something that can take a few hits, a roll-up door might be right for you. 

Side-Hinged Garage Doors 

Side-hinged garage doors swing open and closed like a traditional door that you might see inside a house. These doors are typically styled to resemble barn doors and are made of wood. Modern galvanized steel options are also available. 

These doors are great for garages with overhead obstructions or limited ceiling space. Although they are typically opened and closed by hands, they can also be automated with special conversion arms. 

Canopy Garage Doors

Canopy garage doors often resemble sectional garage doors, but they are made of one solid piece rather than many small sections. Rather than moving along a track, this style has a hinge at the top that pivots and lets the whole door slide up into the garage. When closed, canopy garage doors sit slightly past the front plane of the house. 

There are also options for tilt-up retractable garage doors that are suspended independently from the frame. This means that they won’t protrude past the front of the house when the door is closed. 

These options can be very stylish, but they require a lot of ceiling space and are often more expensive and difficult to operate than their counterparts. 

Picking the Best Garage Door for Your House

There are many factors to consider when selecting garage doors for your house. First, what does the exterior of your home look like? You’ll want to select a door style that matches your home’s aesthetics. 

Next, how much overhead space do you have. This will affect the style of door you chose as well. 

Make sure to consult with your local garage door professionals to ensure that you’re making the right decision for your home. 

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