5 Easy Home Exterior Design Trends to Watch

If you are looking to update your home, this guide will help you apply the current home exterior design trends and provide additional inspiration.

A home’s exterior is just as important as its interior. The average household spends upwards of $3,000 on home exterior and landscape costs every year.

Of course, if you really want to stand out in your home exterior design, you’re going to have to sift through all the options out there to find the very best. Not only that, but fashion trends are constantly changing.

How can you know which exterior design alterations will help your home look its best?

Read on to learn about five recent trends in home exterior design.

Open-Air Living Space 

During the pandemic, many restaurants were forced to create outdoor dining areas. Both the restaurant owners and the customers were pleased to discover how pleasant outdoor dining can be than indoor dining.

This change in the dining experience parallels a recent trend in home exterior design. It is now fashionable to create something like an outdoor living room.

As long as you have partial roof cover for things like sofas, you can create outdoor living spaces that can be much more pleasant to visit than an indoor alternative.

Increase Lighting and Air With More Windows 

As technology progresses, it is easier to create cheaper and more durable glass and other building materials.

Modern building materials now allow us to integrate many more windows into home design. People are just beginning to realize that if you can have more windows, then you really should.

Your home can enjoy much more natural light and fresh air by following this new exterior home exterior revamp idea.

Modern Color Schemes 

The fashionable colors for vinyl siding and exterior paint for a home are constantly changing. The latest trend is to make your colors match. So, instead of having strongly contrasting colors, you might want to have various shades of cool tones or warm tones, but not both.

Additionally, creamy-white paint is a popular choice these days. 

Mismatched Garage Doors 

Fashion trends switch between symmetry and asymmetry all the time. Most of us grew up where symmetry was the rule.

These days, however, the trend is to have two asymmetric garage doors, one larger than the other. 

Removing Curved Lines 

Just as fashioned switches between symmetry, asymmetry, and matching and contrasting colors, the same goes for straight and curved lines.

The current Trend in exterior home design is to have strong, clean, straight lines.  

If you are interested in finding out more about how you can take your home’s design to the next level, check out these siding contractors.

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We hope you learn something helpful about some of the changes happening in the world of home exterior design. The world of fashion is constantly changing, and that goes double for the style of homes. 

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