5 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes


Did you know that there are more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes, but only a couple of hundred goes after humans?

One species of mosquitoes may seem like more than enough, let alone hundreds— which is why you need to protect yourself.

If you want to keep mosquitoes off of your skin and protect your kids, you should consider planting a few things in the garden.

Continue reading to learn about the best plants that repel mosquitoes and serve other purposes too! 

1. Citronella

One of the most effective plants that repel mosquitoes is citronella, also called scented geranium.

Citronella is perfect for the backyard since it grows so large when cared for. The lemony scent will make you fall in love with this plant and you will forget that you bought it to control the pests. Citronella blooms from the spring to the fall and is an annual plant.

2. Lavender 

If you are looking for plant-based repellents that are also calming, you should consider lavender.

Lavender plants are perennials and they typically bloom from summer to late fall. This calming plant deters mosquitoes because it puts off such a powerful aroma. The smell of the essential oils impacts a mosquito’s ability to smell and hunt for food. 

This is also a good plant for mosquito control since it’s durable and thrives in most climates. 

3. Lemon Grass

Lemon grass (citronella grass) is a wonderful option if you want a more exotic look. 

Lemon grass gives the perfect summery vibes while protecting your family from annoying mosquito bites. This plant is often used in mosquito repellents since it’s so effective and smells refreshing. Lemon grass also helps prevent other bugs and insects from getting comfortable in your yard. 

Make sure you plant your lemon grass in the sunlight so it can thrive. 

4. Rosemary

Household pests, such as mosquitos, don’t like rosemary.

Rosemary plants and essential oil are often added to repellants. They have a woody scent that mosquitos avoid. Moths and flies are other insects that don’t like rosemary.

Many people recommend planting rosemary if you use it in the kitchen. This is a wonderful herb that can get dried or frozen for later use! If you need something stronger, Green Pest Services can help. 

5. Basil

Most people don’t realize it, but basil can do much more than just flavor your pasta.

Basil gives off such a strong aroma that when you walk past it, you can get a good whiff. The strong flavors will make you smile since you know mosquitoes are staying away and you are preparing for future pasta dishes. 

Plant your basil in a place that gets a lot of sunlight. It’s also a good idea to prune the plant, which will also release its aroma. 

These Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Will Impress You

If you enjoy a practical lifestyle, you should consider buying these plants that repel mosquitoes. 

Not only are some of these plants also used in the kitchen, but they keep mosquitoes, flies, and moths out of your yard. With the right plants, you can forget about bug bites this summer and enjoy the sunshine. 

Don’t be afraid to try several options since it can only improve your odds of protection. 

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