How to Choose the Best All Natural Cleaning Products

Are you looking for the best all natural cleaning products that won't harm you family? Choose the best ones by looking for these 6 qualities.

Did you know that many household cleaning products may cause long-term respiratory problems? They can also become irritants to the skin, eyes, and throat. Not only is this harmful to you, but it can be worse for the physical development of young children.

What then should you look out for in cleaning products? Here are six qualities to look for in finding the best all natural cleaning products for your household.

1. Use of Natural Fragrances

Most fragrances contain phthalates that can disrupt your endocrine system. This interferes with hormones, which can be damaging to children whose bodies are still developing.

You will not find “phthalates” listed on the labels, so it’s best to avoid fragrances altogether. This includes some natural alternatives like essential oils and botanical extracts.

2. No Unnecessary Dyes

Have you noticed how most cleaning products are either blue, yellow, green, or purple? These are colors the industry assigned to certain types of cleaners. For example, blue is for glass and surfaces, and yellow is for bathroom sinks.

These make it easier for cleaning staff to know which product to reach for. This color-coding isn’t necessary for household cleaning. It helps to note that dyes can cause skin irritation.

3. Milder Stain Removers

If you plan on cleaning with sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid bleach altogether. Opt for natural cleaning products with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon juice. When looking for the best all natural cleaning products, stick to ingredients you are familiar with.

4. Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Other Non-toxic Compounds

Baking soda and vinegar make the dyad of cleaning. In varying amounts, you can find them in all kinds of cleaning products.

Have you noticed that you can find the chemicals mentioned so far in your kitchen? If it is safe enough to store in your pantry, then it is definitely safe enough to clean with.

5. Natural Alternatives to Other Ingredients

Keep an eye out for cleaners with feldspar and calcite as the abrasive material. Baking soda is also used for scrubbing. For disinfecting, hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil are some natural antibacterial ingredients.

We have mentioned a lot of products that you can find in your pantry or medicine cabinet. Why should you use natural cleaning products in the market if you can make some yourself?

Mixing chemicals at home is risky. Even if you know their individual properties, you do not know how they will react to each other. It’s better to buy from trusted brands for natural home cleaning products.

6. Secure Packaging and Easy Storage

This is an important factor that is sometimes neglected. Chemicals can react and change when exposed to heat or light. Make sure the product has storage instructions on the label.

Secure packaging helps to prevent spills and evaporation. Better packaging will keep the product more effective for longer.

Have the Best All Natural Cleaning Products and Keep Them Organized

The best thing about natural cleaning products is you don’t have to worry about your family’s health when cleaning. The best all natural cleaning products are easier to find than you think once you know what to look for.

Cleaning is the easy part, but the real challenge is keeping everything tidy. Having a system for this can make it easier for you. For more storage and organization tips to keep your home clean, check out this article.

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