Powder Coating Equipment Types


Choosing the right equipment is an essential step in the powder coating process. This article will cover separate controllers from the powder gun, Dry-off ovens, and pre-treatment equipment. Listed below are some of the more popular powder coating equipment types. Make sure you’ve got the right one for your business!  You can also learn more through Bungee Trampoline Rental Houston TX.

Separate controller from the powder gun

A separate controller for a powder gun is one of the most popular options for automatic coating applications. This device provides maximum control over the gun’s settings. In many cases, a powder gun will have a separate controller from its powder gun. However, depending on the manufacturer, a separate controller for a powder gun may have more than one input device, which is cumbersome and can slow down the process. In addition, a separate controller for a powder gun isn’t necessary when a single system controls the entire operation.

With a separate controller, a user can adjust the amount of powder and airflow without changing the powder gun’s settings. You can adjust the powder output of the gun with “Select Charge” or “AFC” modes. The Select Charge mode automatically selects the optimal KV and current settings for coating parts, while the Custom mode allows the user to set kV independently for any particular job. For the Encore modular control system, AFC control allows the operator to control the amount of powder and field strength for optimal powder applications.

Reclamation systems

Reclamation systems for powder coating equipment are designed to match a facility’s specific needs. These systems come in two primary types: cartridge collector technology and automatic. Cartridge collector technology is the most common type of reclaim system and is best suited for single-color powder coating operations. Automated systems require bulk powder transfer pumps, sieves, powder feed hoses, and control packages. Reclaim booths are often used for continuous production, while removable cartridge systems are suited for basic operations.

The cost of reclaiming overspray powder varies significantly between different types of reclaim systems. The simplest option is a single-color cartridge system, while the most complex is a multicolor system. In addition, the cost of a reclaim system can take as much as eight years to pay for itself. It is, therefore, essential to consider how quickly you can recoup your investment.

Dry-off ovens

After pre-treatment with a powder coating, dry-off ovens remove moisture from products and parts. Finely ground particles are electrostatically charged and applied to a product to add a final finish. Moisture in a product will ruin its attachment to the powder coating. Dry-off ovens are energy-efficient, operating at lower temperatures than curing ovens. However, residual heat from the dry-off oven can promote film build and increase coating thickness.

Dry-off ovens for powder coating are beneficial in many industrial applications, allowing you to apply a durable, long-lasting coating layer to metal parts. Unlike paint, powder coating requires a precise and uniform coating. This process requires a dry powder and a powder-coating oven with specific temperature settings. Direct heating will burn the powder coating and contaminate other equipment parts. Dry-off ovens should not be heated higher than 450deg F.

Pre-treatment Equipment

Before you can start applying a powder coating, you must first perform a pre-treatment. A good pre-treatment is the first step in the overall process. Chemicals used in the process are compatible with most known metals, so you can safely remove the coating with a pre-treatment solution. The exception is magnesium, which reacts with paint strippers. For this reason, you should not powder coat expensive lightweight racing bicycles and motorsport wheels. Instead, apply an automotive wet spray or garnet blasting before powder coating.

The purpose of pre-treatment is to remove contaminants that can prevent the coating from adhering properly. The equipment comprises a 3mm steel plate with a cart and dust device. You can operate the pre-treatment machine with a foot pedal or remote control. It also comes with a blasting gun, a boron carbide nozzle, and blasting gloves. This machine provides excellent coating applications. A DVC-equipped powder gun controller allows you to set the spraying geometry.

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