Healthy And Nutritious Uncommon Fruits You Should Try


Eating fruits is one of the best things to do in my spare time. You can add fruits to your diet and not have to worry about calorie and fat. But do you know what else is fun? Trying out new uncommon and exotic fruits.

I am just so amazed by how many more fruits that I didn’t know before but are tasty and healthy. That’s why I dedicate myself to find new fruits and add them to my collection of fruits that I have tried before.

In this article, I want to share with you some amazing uncommon fruits that I have tried. I really recommend you try all these fruits and see for yourself how delicious they are.


First on this list is the king of all fruits, durian. I just have to put this fruit on the top of this list because of its popularity. I know that you might be thinking that people have said that this fruit tastes and smells bad. But that’s one of the most interesting things about this fruit, people have two very different opinions about durian: either you love it or hate it.

Durians are very common in Southeast Asia. People who love durian swear that this fruit tastes and smells amazing. The fruit is creamy with a big stone in the center. It’s best to eat durian when it’s ripe. Don’t eat the seed though, as it isn’t edible. And peeling the fruit requires skill, ask for help if you can’t do it.

Pitaya or dragon fruit

Pitaya is one of the best fruits to have when you’re thirsty as it’s watery. One bite and you’ll feel fresh again. Pitaya is also considered to be a superfood because it is full of antioxidants like carotenoids, fiber, and vitamin C.

People who are suffering from heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure are recommended to consume pitaya regularly. Furthermore, pitaya is also proved to be very effective at reducing oxidative stress level and aortic stiffness. There are two types of pitaya that I am aware of: red and white. Red pitaya has a stronger taste. You can find a lot of pitayas in Central America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.


If you want to eat a fruit that has a very strong sweet taste, then you should try mangosteen. The fruit looks very interesting too, with its hard-purple rind. Inside the rind, you’ll find sweet white flesh and with bitter seeds inside.

Mangosteen is full of vitamin C and can help against many kinds of diseases such as diarrhea, eczema, and even urinary tract infections. You can find many mangosteens being sold in Southeast Asia and China.


I can’t get enough of jackfruit. It tastes sweet, smells wonderful, and chewy. Although it looks like durian, jackfruit is a very different fruit. One piece of jackfruit contains plenty of meat for two or three people since it can weigh more than 80 pounds.

Jackfruit is full of fiber and great for your digestion. It is also very beneficial for people who want to lose weight because this fruit will make you full for longer. Besides that, jackfruit’s flesh also contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. There are also plenty of ways to consume jackfruit, from putting it on top of ice cream to being cooked into chips.


Rambut means hair, and this fruit got the name rambutan because of its hairy look. So, the shell is soft and “hairy”, and you can split it open easily with your hands to find soft and juicy meat inside. You can eat it immediately but don’t bite into the seed in the center.

Rambutan contains a high level of antioxidants and rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which are very useful to protect your body against cancer and help to build strong bones. This fruit is native to Indonesia and Malaysia but can be found in many other countries in Southeast Asia.


Last but not least is Camu, a delicious fruit native to the Amazon rainforests. Camu tastes a bit sour, and it contains high vitamin C, which is very useful for your body and skin. It is believed that if you consumed Camu for seven days, your oxidative stress level will go down drastically. If you go to Peru or other South American countries, you’ll find Camu flavored ice cream and drinks.

These exotic fruits are worth the money and time

Depending on where you live, it might be a bit difficult or expensive to buy these fruits. But, I can definitely say that these fruits are worth it. If you can find a good deal for any of these fruits, you should go and get them and try them yourself.

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