What To Do If You Have Been Accused Of Theft


It is every person’s worst nightmare: being accused of a crime they did not commit. If you are falsely accused of theft, your world can be turned upside down. You may feel like you are in a nightmare with no end in sight.

The good news is that there are things you can do to protect yourself and get through this difficult time. A first offense can be incredibly worrying but with support from close family and friends as well as acquiring legal representation like Sparks Law Firm or a firm in your local area, you can get through this tumultuous time.

To help prepare you, here are four steps to take if you have been falsely accused of theft.

Keep a level head

Remain calm and do not talk to anyone about the allegations against you. You may want to speak with family and friends about the details, but doing so could put them in a position where they will need to testify, so it is best that you just keep all the details between you and your lawyer.

This is a tense time for everyone involved, however, if you stick to your word and provide the details needed you will be able to get through this positively.

No one wants to be accused of something that they did not do, but it does happen, so getting upset and angry about it will not help your case or show you in a good light to others.

You are fighting for your reputation as well as fighting against a criminal record, this is not a time to fly off the handle and look for a fight, this is a time to be safe and think ahead so you are not feeling overwhelmed.

Speak to a lawyer

Find a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with false accusations and can help you build a strong defense. Newark criminal defense lawyers, or similar lawyers near you, will be able to help you navigate your case.

You can find a lawyer in your local area or look online to see which ones would be better suited for your case. Do not just go for the first one you see as that could hinder your progress, especially if you find out part of the way through that they are not working out and you have to start again. This can also waste your money.

Evidence is key

Gather any evidence that could prove your innocence, such as witness statements, surveillance footage, or text messages.

You may need to let your lawyer handle this as the person accusing you of theft will be reluctant to hand them over to just you. There could be further accusations of tampering or threats etc.

So, from here on out, only do things with your lawyer’s approval and document everything you have done and gathered to work in your favor.

This may take a while

Be prepared to face a long legal process, as false accusations can take a toll on your personal and professional life.

You may find that friends and family turn against you, especially if they know the person that is accusing you. This can be harrowing to go through but maintaining your innocence is key here.

Understand that this will happen and that as long as you build up a reliable support system with those closest to you. You will be able to get through it in whatever capacity that is.


If you have been accused of theft, it is important to remain calm and not talk to anyone about the allegations against you. To reiterate – you will need to find a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with false accusations and is willing to take your case.

Your lawyer will help you collect evidence and build a strong legal defense. The legal process can be long and difficult, but if you are innocent, it is important to stay the course and prove your innocence.

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